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Common Types of Live Edge Woodworking

Live-edge has been used to describe a theme and genre of wood furniture making, wood art, and products. It is a style of woodworking where the artist incorporates the living edge of the wood into the finished product. And if you like the raw appeal of live-edge carpentry you’ll be happy to know that there is a large range of applications for live-edge.


The organic nature and odd cross-section shape that live-edge turning produces, it creates a truly unique art piece. This is most evident in the natural lines of the bowl’s rim. It isn't straight, the edge of the rim is not only uniquely made up of the untouched edge of the tree, but the rim line is wavy and irregular.

Live Edge Wood Candle Holder

This rustic tea light candle holder will make the perfect addition to your table top centerpiece or home decor. The hand crafted process for this line leaves all the character and charm you would expect from a decorator piece.


Perhaps the most popular application of live-edge design is in table making. Live-edge tables typically have at least one side, sometimes both sides of the table untouched. Unlike traditionally finished tables, a live-edge table brings the natural lines of the tree into the living space. By design, it brings the appearance of outdoors inside. Custom made by mother nature, each piece is just as unique as fingerprints. Here at Signet Slabs, we offer quality wood slabs that is worth as an investment. Visit our website today!

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