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Black Walnut

Unparalleled Quality. Durable. Versatile

Apart from delicious walnuts, the American black walnut tree is renowned for its elegant, dark chocolate-colored hardwood – a favorite for carpenters and artisans. Its durability and stability make its quality unparalleled, setting it apart from other types of hardwoods. At Signet Slabs, we offer premium quality black walnut live edge wood slabs at the most competitive rates in the US and globally.

What Sets Black Walnut Live Edge Wood Slabs Apart?

Elegant Appearance

The light brown to chocolate color of black walnut live edge wood slabs and dark brown streaks give them an elegant look. In addition, the straight grain pattern gives finished products a smooth appearance from all angles, even after finishing.

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Black walnut wood slabs are highly durable and stable. In addition, their lifespan allows them to last for decades with minimum maintenance, so you can look forward to creating quality products that remain pristine for long periods.



From steam bending to precise cuts, black walnut live edge wood slabs offer an enjoyable artisanal experience when creating furniture and other designs. They also hold nails, glue, and screws perfectly. Moreover, they can be evenly coated with paint or polish, leaving a consistent finish.

Drops of Water

Water Resistance

Black walnut live edge wood slabs come with great mold and water resistance. This makes it suitable for both interior and exterior applications. However, they are easily susceptible to insects. As a result, you must ensure that you purchase them dried to optimum moisture levels. We dry our black walnut wood slabs at Signet Slabs to perfection in our state-of-the-art high-frequency vacuum kilns.

Where To Use It

Due to their medium-density strength and stability, black walnut wood slabs are widely used for making both interior and exterior furniture with a touch of elegance. However, their use doesn't just end with furniture. They are used to create strong hardwood flooring that is highly resistant to dents, scratches, and veneers. Black walnut wood slabs are also used for making gunstocks as they are shock resistant and dense. In addition, the grain makes them easy to carve, making them suitable for both hand and machine carving.

At Signet Slabs, we provide American black walnut live edge wood slabs. They are sourced directly from the Piney Woods of Texas, and we deliver them to any global destination.

Looking For Quality, Black Walnut LiveWood Slabs?

We have black walnut live edge wood slabs readily available in stock.


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