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Signet Slabs | Live Edge Oak Wood Slabs

Oak Slabs

Live Edge Wood Slabs That Perform

With a legendary reputation of toughness and unparalleled strength, oak live edge wood slabs are renowned for their durable nature. In addition, they're mostly straight grains give an aesthetically pleasing look, making them ideal for making different types of furniture.

At Signet Slabs, we offer live edge wood slabs locally sourced from the Piney Woods of East Texas and dried in our state-of-the-art kilns. The best part? They are always available in stock, so you can get the live oak slabs you need on-demand at the most competitive rates.

Why Should You Choose Live Oak Wood Slabs?


Live oak wood slabs are a strong and moderately dense type of live wood slabs. This makes them hard enough to resist wear and cracks from daily use. However, when taken care of properly, you can look forward to your live edge wood slabs lasting for decades. 

Signet Slabs | Live Edge Wood Slabs | Oak Bark

And Easy To Work With

Thanks to their moderately dense nature, they are not strong but not too hard that will make it a struggle to work with. As a result, they can be carved with ease to create different types of furniture.

Signet Slabs | Live Edge Wood Slabs | Oak Flooring
Signet Slabs | Live Edge Wood Slabs | Oak Slab

Perfect For Most Climates

Live oak wood is renowned for its strong resistance to fungal infestations when adequately dried and kept within the perfect moisture levels. As a result, it is less likely to rot or even decay, making it ideal for use in all climates, including tropical areas where fungi thrive.


Visually Appealing

The whitish to light brown hue of live oak wood is highly versatile, making this type of live wood highly sought out by interior designers and homeowners. Its neutral tone and mostly straight grains
give it a neat, minimal look that perfectly complements most color palettes. As a result, live oak wood slabs often find themselves in homes with trendy aesthetics, such as Japanese and
Scandinavian interiors. 

Where To Use Them

Oak live edge wood slabs are perfect for making long-lasting home and office furniture, including tables, nightstands, wall art, bar tops, and more.

However, not all live oak wood slabs come equal. Their quality and longevity depend on where you source them from and how they are treated. At Signet Slabs, we treat our live oak wood slabs in advanced high-frequency drying kilns to ensure that your slabs never shrink or curve while keeping them within the correct moisture levels.

Looking For Quality, Live Oak Wood Slabs?

Our team is ready to take note of your requirements and provide you with fully customized live oak wood slabs for your needs, wherever you are across the globe.


Ready to get started?

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