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Based in Wells Texas, we specialize in providing exceptional quality live edge wood slabs for customers across the nation!


Live edge wood is a unique way to add a natural element to your most memorable designs. This organic material is perfectly suited to creating one-of-a-kind modern furniture pieces, robust modern carpentry, and stunning home decor accents.


At Signet Slabs, we've been working with only the finest quality local wood sources since 2014 to provide our loyal clients with the best products available on the market at the most cost-effective prices. We also find wisdom in our quick turnaround times and accessible customer service so that you can get premium quality live edge wood slabs you need quickly and efficiently.

Our Products

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  • Our Mission
    Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality live edge wood slabs possible so that they can create stunning pieces of art that will last a lifetime.
  • Our Vision
    We envision a world where the beauty and versatility of live edge wood is appreciated by everyone. We strive to be the go-to source for all your live edge wood needs so that you can create unique designs that make a memorable statement and can be passed down for generations.

If you're ready to add the beauty of live edge wood to your next design, we invite you to browse our selection of premium quality live edge wood slabs today.

Our Process

At Signet Slabs,

we know that delivering a superior quality product is not just about the end result - it's all about the process.

From sourcing the finest quality local wood to working with skilled artisans who understand the unique nature of live edge wood, we take great care in ensuring that every live edge wood slab we sell is of the highest calibre.

First, our Live edge wood slabs are carefully cut with a two manned bandsaw. Same logs are kept together and then air dried for several months before loading them in our fire heated kiln. Weekly temperature checks for slow drying occurs over approximately 6 weeks until the internal moisture content is between 8%-11%. After removing the slabs from the kiln, they’re ready to be planed on both sides and set in our dry assorted warehouse for purchase.


Each step of this expert process has been designed to ensure that the live edge wood slab you receive from us is of incomparable quality as we strive to exceed your expectations on every order.

Why Choose Signet Slabs?

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There are many reasons to choose Signet Slabs for all your live edge wood needs, but we believe that our passion for what we do and our unmatched knowledge on the subject is what truly sets us apart. We love working with live edge wood and it shows in every slab we sell. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience and customer service so that you can share in our passion and enjoy the benefits of working with live edge wood.

We only source the finest quality local wood for our live edge wood slabs. 

Our slabs have only 8%-11% internal moisture content with each side planed.

 Our team of skilled artisans have years of experience working with live edge wood and understand its unique qualities. 

Our customer service is second to none - we're always available to answer your questions and help you find the perfect live edge wood slab for your project.

Our inventory is constantly expanding so that we can always offer you the latest and greatest selection of live edge wood slabs.

We use the latest machinery in the industry to cut and kiln our live edge wood slabs, ensuring a superior quality product.

If you're looking for the best live edge wood slabs on the market, look no further than Signet Slabs! Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you create a truly unique design.

Image by Patrick Fore

Besides our unparalleled passion and expertise, there are a few key factors that set us apart from the competition. 

What Sets Us Apart?

We use the most innovative machinery

on the market to cut and kiln our live edge wood slabs so that you can be confident you're receiving a an outstanding quality product. This includes using a SHELIX Cutter head over a standard straight blade to get a cleaner, smoother cut on the live edge wood slab. We also use a high frequency vacuum wood dryer, which is the quickest and most efficient way to dry live edge wood, eliminating split or spark on the surface or inside of the wood and ensuring uniform moisture content. This allows us to have a quick turnaround time so that you can receive your order in record time and perfect condition.

We have a wide variety of live edge wood slabs in stock so that you can find the perfect one for your project, and our inventory is always expanding so that we can offer you the latest and greatest selection including a variety of Red Oak, White Oak, Pecan, Black Walnut, Sycamore, Cedar, and White Ash as well as Booked Matched Options, Rounds (Cookies) and more!

Our Values

You want to know that the company you're working with shares your values, and at Signet Slabs we pride ourselves on being a company that you can trust.


We only source the finest quality local wood for our live edge wood slabs.


We stand by our word and ensure transparency in everything that we do.


We infuse a passion for our craft in every slab we sell.


We support our local industry by sourcing our wood from local suppliers.


We work swiftly with precision and attention to detail.


We use industry-leading machinery to provide a premium product.

Ready to take your project to the next level with live edge wood? Browse through our online catalogue to find the perfect piece for your project. With nationwide shipping, you 're sure to find your match no matter where you are!

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