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Pecan Trees | Signet Slabs

Pecan Slabs

Wood Slabs That Endure

Despite being renowned for the heavenly and highly nutritious nuts they produce, there is more to pecan trees than what meets the eye. The right variety of the tree produces premium quality wood slabs that are durable and aesthetically-pleasing, making them suitable for creating a variety of furniture pieces.

Our sustainably sourced pecan live edge wood slabs are obtained from the Piney Woods of East Texas. Moreover, they are dried in our technologically advanced kilns to ensure they are of perfect moisture levels. So, no matter how big or small your order is, we have the pecan wood slabs you need readily available in stock at the most affordable rates.

What Makes Live Pecan Wood Slabs So Popular?


Pecan live edge slabs are highly dense, strong and hard enough to resist wear, cracks and splintering at the edges. As a result, you can look forward to them enduring the test of time and lasting beyond the foreseeable future when properly cared for.

Pecan Bark.jpg

Aesthetically Pleasing

The cream-colored sapwood of pecan wood slabs comes with light-brown to pinkish tones in the heartwood. Their spalting spots and occasional wormholes also add to the visual appeal of the wood, making it look more in tune with nature. The best part? You can rest assured knowing all unwanted guests are evicted in our high-frequency vacuum kiln.



Pecan wood slabs are easy to work with, making it possible for carpenters to carve them into different shapes of different sizes to create stunning pieces of furniture. However, this versatility goes beyond carpentry. The natural design of the pecan wood slabs makes them the perfect piece for almost every interior design aesthetic.

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Image by Mr Karl

How To Use Them

Spalted pecan live edge wood slabs are suitable for creating any type of furniture that withstands the test of time. This includes elegant table tops, office furniture, nightstands, sliding doors, and more. However, the longevity of your pecan live edge wood slabs depends on how they are sourced, where they are sourced from and how they are treated. With Signet Slabs, you can look forward to quality spalted pecan slabs that are sustainably sourced and dried to perfection.

Looking For Quality, Spalted Pecan LiveWood Slabs?

Wherever you are across the globe, Signet Slabs will deliver your pecan wood to your doorstep at the most affordable rates in the market.

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