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Elm Slabs

Unique. Versatile. Affordable

Preferred for its affordability and unique curl pattern, elm is one of the market's most sourght out live edge wood slab types. Despite its soft nature, the hardwood offers the same strength and toughness most hardwoods have. At Signet Slabs, we offer elm live edge wood slabs native to the Piney Woods of East Texas.

Why Purchase Elm Live Edge Wood Slabs?


The toughness of the hardwood also makes it resistant to scruffs and scratches. As a result, it lasts for more extended periods with proper care. However, because it is susceptible to insect attacks and rotting, the hardwood is not classified as durable material.



The texture of elm live edge wood slabs makes it perfect for taking stains and finishes. Moreover, it bends easily and holds nails and screws well. While the grain and pattern of the wood makes it difficult to work with using hand tools, power tools make the job easier.


Visually Pleasing Appearance

Elm live edge wood slabs have a light to medium brown hue with a reddish tone. However, the heartwood of the slabs usually has a warmer tone. The sapwood of the elm wood slabs is distinct and well defined. At the same time, the prominent growth ring pattern gives it a unique aesthetic appearance.

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Moderately Priced

Elm wood slabs are typically neither not too cheap nor too expensive. While the population of mature elm trees may have dropped due to the Dutch elm disease, the price of the wood still remains the same.

What Is It Used For?

Elm wood slabs are popularly used for making quality furniture that lasts as well as doors and windows. Its lightweight nature and good strength make it perfect for making boxes that can carry heavy weights, while its shock resistance makes it ideal for hilts. However, it is not recommended for outdoor applications because it is highly susceptible to rotting and insect attacks.

To ensure that your elm live edge wood slabs thrive when used indoors, you have to ensure that you purchase them from a trusted supplier. At Signet Slabs, we ensure that our elm live edge wood slabs are dried to optimum moisture levels before making them available to you.

Looking For Quality, Hickory LiveWood Slabs?

Visit our store to explore our collection of elm live edge wood slabs, readily available on demand for you to purchase.

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