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Our Kilns 

Unlike most live edge wood suppliers in the US, we use modern, high frequency vaccum wood dryers to produce higher quality wood slabs. Discover what it means for you.


The quality of live edge wood and how long it will last lies in where it is sourced from and how it is cut. It also depends on the moisture content within it. At Signet Slabs, we get everything right.


Our journey to creating the perfect slab begins with ethically sourcing our live edge wood slabs from the Piney Woods of East Texas. Then, once we have it in-house, we carefully cut it with precision to ensure consistency in geometry while preserving its integrity.

However, wood naturally has a high moisture content when it is sourced. Therefore, it requires treatment to ensure that it lasts beyond the foreseeable future, giving our valued customers value for money. We use industry-leading wood kilns powered by advanced high-frequency drying technology to perfectly dry up our live edge wood slabs. This enables us to provide you with premium quality live edge wood slabs for sale at the most competitive rates.

How It Works

Traditionally, kiln dying used to be carried out very slowly. Doing this prevented the wood from creating a hard shell around its inner layer and trapping moisture within it, resulting in damage. However, the process can be carried out more quickly with high-frequency vacuum drying technology while ensuring top-notch quality.

Our high-frequency vacuum wood dryer works on the high-frequency wood drying principle. It creates an electric field that heats the wood until it reaches optimum moisture levels. Moreover, it comes with a fully automatic drying program for different types of wood and a precise monitoring system that enables our skilled operators to keep track of the process and ensure that our live edge wood slabs are of the absolute best quality.

As a result, our live edge wood slabs have uniform moisture content throughout without any splits or sparks on the surface and within the wood slab, even if they are thick. Moreover, the process eliminates the problem of curving and shrinking thinner pieces of wood—the result: quality wood that lasts.


We embrace the latest technology to ensure that we uphold our standard of delivering premium quality live edge wood slabs of different types to our customers. That is why we have been one of the leading live edge wood slab suppliers in the United States for over eight years.


When it comes to maintaining the moisture levels of our live edge wood slabs, we do more than just throwing them in our high-frequency wood dryer and hitting the start button. Instead, we follow a systematic approach to choosing the proper settings and closely monitoring the drying process to ensure that the slabs we supply reach optimum moisture levels. When you buy live edge wood slabs from us, you can rest assured knowing we never cut corners.

Signet Slabs Inventory Slab


Our high-frequency vacuum wood driers work faster than conventional wood drying kilns available on the market without compromising on drying quality. As a result, we always have premium quality live edge wood slabs for sale readily available in stock, allowing you to order on demand.


Our wood kiln dries up wood efficiently and uniformly. As a result, we will supply live edge wood slabs that are protected from primary decay, fungal stains, and insects that thrive in moisture conditions, extending their lifespan.


When wood is not dried correctly before its use, it will dry up while in service. This causes shrinkage and defects such as splitting ends, cupping, twisting, bowing, and even surface checking. As a result, your live edge wood products' structural integrity and aesthetic appeal will be compromised.

We supply live edge wood slabs through our stringent drying process and moisture level monitoring technology that comes with our high-frequency wood dryer, guaranteed to remain in pristine condition for longer.


Our social responsibility goes beyond ethically sourcing lumber. We also believe that our duty as a leading live edge wood supplier is to minimize our carbon footprint. Our high-frequency wood dryer consumes a significantly lower amount of energy compared to traditional kilns. Therefore, our process will not only be energy efficient by also cost-effective. As a result, we will offer our live edge wood slabs for sale at the most affordable rates in the market.

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