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Ash Slabs

Durable. Stunning. Long-Lasting

Despite their lightweight nature, ash wood slabs are stronger than they look. As a result, they are one of the most popular live edge wood slabs for interior applications in dry areas. At Signet Slabs, we offer quality ash wood slabs obtained from the Piney Woods of East Texas at the most competitive rates. With our ash live edge wood slabs readily available in stock, we fulfil orders of all sizes worldwide at the fastest turnarounds.

Why Are Ash Live Edge Wood Slabs Highly Sought Out?


Ash wood slabs are one of the most durable live edge wood slab species. As a result, they have been the top choice for creating quality furniture and other wooden pieces that have lasted for centuries. Even with little care, it can last for decades when used in dry areas.

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Stunning Appearance

Ash wood slabs are typically cream-colored with straight grains of a light brown hue, making them perfect for crafting pieces with a uniform look.



The dense nature of ash live edge wood slabs and medium hardness paired with excellent finishing properties makes them easy to work with. You never have to worry about your ash wood slabs not holding the nail. Moreover, they can be easily bent when you use the streaming process.

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Where To Use Ash Live Edge Wood Slabs

Ash live edge wood slabs thrive in dry environments, making them best suited for interior application. The live edge wood slabs create furniture, cabinets, and even doors and windows. They also offer excellent scratch and damage resistance. With dues to their medium hardness, you can use them for flooring too.

However, its use is not just limited to furniture. Ash wood has no taste or smell, making it suitable for creating aesthetically pleasing wooden food containers. It is also easy to curve and cut, and it finds use in making decorating items and even boxes. However, the quality of ash wood slabs depends on their moisture content. At Signet Slabs, we deliver high-frequency kiln-dried ash live edge wood slabs that are sustainably sourced and dried to the correct moisture levels. The best part? We deliver worldwide.

Looking For Quality, AshLiveWood Slabs?

Visit our store to discover our collection of ash live edge wood slabs at the lowest rates in the global market and get a free quote.


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