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We do more than just provide premium quality Wood Slabs! Are you a Home Builder, Remodeling, Interior Designer, Furniture Maker etc and just don't have the machines or experience to get the job done for your wood projects? We can help!

Signet Slabs Services
Rustic Dinning Table
  • 40"w Planing Slabs

  • Table Design

  • Kiln Drying

  • Slab Square Cut

  • Additional Services Upon Request

What Can Do For You?

  • Do you have Slabs of your own that you need to Plane?

  • Are you looking for a Carpenter to design a Table for you with Live or Clean edge Slabs?

  • Do want us to Square off your Slabs?

  • Do you need a High Quality Kiln for your Wood to Dry?

    If you need any of these services, we can help!

  • Planing done to the precise thickness and HQ blades for smoothness.

  • Carpenters to design and build Tables from Slabs.

  • Cutting the right square dimensions from yours or our Live Edge Wood Slabs.

  • Drying your Wood for you, with our Kilns.

Service Form

Thanks for your request! We'll Contact You Soon

Let us know what you need.

To better assist you, please fill out the service form below. We will review the type of service you need and if you have a quantity of Slabs you need planned, please type the quantity needed. The cost of each service is qualified by the need and will be communicated via email or phone call after form is submitted. We look forward to servicing you!


Ready To Place An Order From One Of America's Most Trusted Live Edge Wood Slab Suppliers?

Visit our live edge wood slab store to discover our collection and place an order today or simply connect with us to get a free quote.

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