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Hickory Slabs

Quality Live Edge Wood Slabs Of Unrivaled Toughness

Tougher than redwood, hickory live edge wood slabs are renowned for their durability and unique pale yellow hue that darkens as it ages. They stand among the toughest hardwoods indigenous to the United States. They are the wood slabs of choice for several uses. 

Signet Slabs offers quality hickory live edge wood slabs obtained from the Piney Woods of East Texas at the most affordable rates.

Why Choose Hickory Live Edge Wood Slabs?


Hickory live edge wood slabs are tough and shock-resistant, making them ideal for creating furniture and building stable structures. Moreover, its toughness makes it more resistant to scratches, dents, and blemishes than other types of live edge wood slabs.

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Visual Appeal

The wood grains, knots, and light to medium-deep color of hickory wood slabs brighten up any space. As a result, it can be used for many modern, contemporary, and even rustic interior design aesthetics. The best part, it retains staining, allowing you to make it more unique with creative patterns and styles.


Low Maintenance

Hickory live edge wood slabs that are correctly installed and sealed require little to no maintenance and can last more than a lifetime.


Increase Property Value

Hickory live edge wood slabs instantly increase property value for building homes and flooring due to their durable nature and aesthetic. Moreover, it leaves a warm and soft feel on the feet while improving the ambiance of any space, attracting property buyers as a result.

Where To Use It

Hickory live edge wood slabs are commonly used to create quality hardwood flooring and furniture such as table tops and islands. However, due to their shock resistance, they can also be used for aircraft interiors and even strudy baseball bat handles.


However, they tend to shrink and crack when hickory live edge wood slabs are not dried correctly and to the proper moisture levels. At Signet Slabs, we dry our hickory live edge wood slabs just right in our high-frequency vacuum kilns, powered by advanced technology. The result? Perfectly dried wood slabs that last.

Looking For Quality, Hickory LiveWood Slabs?

At Signet Slabs, we have hickory live edge wood slabs available on-demand and ready to ship anywhere globally.


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