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Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar Slabs

Versatile Live Edge Wood Slabs For Almost Every Use

Although they fall under the softwood category, cedar live edge wood slabs are highly durable and resistive to extreme weather conditions. This makes them suitable for internal and external applications, with several species sought for their aesthetics and enduring properties.

At Signet Slabs, we offer premium cedar live edge wood slabs sourced from the Piney Woods of Texas and dried to perfection in our technologically advanced kilns.

Why Are Cedar Live Edge Wood Slabs Popular Worldwide?

Easy To Work With

Most species of cedar have excellent workability, and you will never have to break a sweat driving nails or screws through it. As a result, you have the freedom to work with either small machines or bigger machines to create the shapes you want. Moreover, it can be easily cut or curved, making it suitable for creating decorative pieces.

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Cedar naturally contains oil and other naturally occurring chemicals that dispel fungus and insects. As a result, it can last for decades when it has been taken care of properly.

Cedar Logs


The lightweight nature of certain cedar live edge wood species makes them suitable for high-altitude areas without cracking or warping.

Temperature Resistance

The straight-grained nature of cedar wood and its moisture content give it excellent temperature resistance, making it the perfect material for external applications such as roofing.


The dark reddish hues of cedar and uniform grain give it a natural charm that instantly enhances the visuals of any space. The surface of cedar live edge wood slabs holds paint, glue, and even polish for a long time. As a result, you can create different finishes depending on the aesthetic you are going for.

Where To Use Them

Cedar live edge wood slabs are typically used for making furniture, especially clothing storage. This is due to their natural antibacterial and antifungal nature. However, they are more popular for creating building elements such as roofing shingles, ceilings, and cladding. They are also used to make musical instruments of different sonic characters.

However, to ensure that your cedar live edge wood slabs last longer, they should have acceptable moisture levels. When you choose a trusted supplier like Signet Slabs, you can look forward to quality live edge wood slabs that stay in peak condition for decades.

Looking For Quality, Cedar LiveWood Slabs?

Whatever your needs are, Signet Slabs has a collection of cedar wood slabs ready to ship to any location across the globe on demand.

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