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Oak- The Best Wood for Dining Table, Why?

Oak is a hard-wearing wood that is able to withstand constant use, and also has a timeless natural beauty that’s hard to replicate. As Oak trees need a longer growth period, the wood tends to cost a lot more so it can be a more expensive option so it’s certainly an investment. However, that slow growth also produces a dense wood, which means your table, when cared for properly, will be able to stand the test of time. There are also many different variations in the colour of Oak, from light to dark, so there are plenty of options when choosing a table that suits your interiors.

This is a popular type of wood derived from Oak trees, is often used for a wide variety of furniture due to its strength, texture and beautiful grain patterns.

As oak is a dense hardwood, it doesn’t scratch or damage easily meaning oak furniture should last for many years. Nonetheless, oak is still a natural product and needs to be appropriately looked after and cared for to maintain its aesthetics.

With a legendary reputation of toughness and unparalleled strength, oak live edge wood slabs are renowned for their durable nature. In addition, they're mostly straight grains give an aesthetically pleasing look, making them ideal for making different types of furniture.

Oak is a versatile wood slab that is perfect for any home. With its easy to match color tone, this timber is an easy pick for homeowners who want something that blends seamlessly into their home. Moreover, with its exceptional sturdiness and strength, a European Oak dining table will last for decades if taken proper care of.

However, not all live oak wood slabs come equal. Their quality and longevity depend on where you source them from and how they are treated. At Signet Slabs, we treat our live oak wood slabs in advanced high-frequency drying kilns to ensure that your slabs never shrink or curve while keeping them within the correct moisture levels. We offer live edge wood slabs locally sourced from the Piney Woods of East Texas and dried in our state-of-the-art kilns. The best part? They are always available in stock, so you can get the live oak slabs you need on-demand at the most competitive rates. Check our inventory now!

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