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How to maintain a Live Edge Wood Furniture

Wood naturally has a high moisture content when it is sourced. Therefore, it requires treatment to ensure that it lasts beyond the foreseeable future. The use of industry-leading wood kilns that is powered by advanced high-frequency drying technology would ensure a perfectly dry up live edge wood slabs. This premium quality live edge wood slabs high-frequency vacuum wood dryer works on the high-frequency wood drying principle. It creates an electric field that heats the wood until it reaches optimum moisture levels. These pieces of slabs should be tested for moisture content prior to any build and it should be between 6-8%. This ensures there is little moisture in the wood before your design is complete and ready to use. Over time, you may notice your piece get cracks, twists and possibly have some colour differences. This is completely normal and is part of the character of wood and is not considered a defect in material. Solid wood adjusts different times of the year to the moisture content of the air and therefor will adjust to the moisture content of your home and its surroundings. You may notice your slab furniture piece move slightly or develop dips/curves, or the glue joins weaken.

Furniture made with organic slab wood will have movement during its life and this is just the nature and uniqueness of natural wood slab furniture. It is not like other solid wood furniture pieces. If your home is quite dry, it may cause the wood to move or crack more than a home with proper humidity levels. It is a good idea to check the humidity levels in your home each season to ensure they are ideal, between about 45%-55%. A sudden change in temperature or humidity is not good as it will cause tension inside the wood. If the piece is too dry or experiences too much heat, it can also crack or split. Keep in mind that wood does have a life of its own and even with proper measures taken in the environment, you may notice some movement. Most owners just leave it alone and let it move naturally. After all, it is a piece of nature!

Below are quick tips for caring for your Live edge Wood Furniture.

To take care of your beautiful one of a kind piece of live edge furniture, it takes only a bit of love and attention.

  • To clean your table, wipe with a slightly damp cloth. You may use a bit of mild soap or detergent. Once cleaned, wipe with a dry cloth to ensure no moisture is left. If you spill, wipe it up immediately. That's it! Your furniture will not stain easily, however spills left for long periods can leave ring marks or stain the colour. Wipe spills immediately. We recommend using coasters and placemats for any table used for eating and drinking.

  • Use hot pads, placemats, and coasters as a preventative measure to keep your table from getting damaged and scratch. It’s important to remember that real wood can be damaged by anything that is harder than the wood – which typically includes glasses, bowls, plates, silverware, etc.

  • Use Vesting’s maintenance oil for tables finished with LED hard wax oil to repair minor scratches and repel dirt and moisture.

  • Store indoors only in homes with consistent temperatures. If stored outdoors or in areas with varying moisture levels, warping will occur with time.

  • Mount on a base as soon as possible once your table is delivered.

  • No polishing, staining, or coating of any kind is ever required. In fact, to keep the natural look, and have your furniture for MANY years to come - just follow the simple cleaning instructions above. It's a piece of nature and doesn't need high maintenance. Just remember-most importantly to ensure you have proper humidity levels in the space.

Here at Signet Slabs, We embrace the latest technology to ensure that we uphold our standard of delivering premium quality live edge wood slabs of different types to our customers. That is why we have been one of the leading live edge wood slab suppliers in the United States for over eight years. Contact us today!


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