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Wood Flooring Ideas

Wood flooring ideas have formed a beautiful foundation in homes across the world for centuries. The timeless elegance and charm of working with natural materials in interior design remains ever popular, with timber offering a durable and long-lasting design for flooring ideas. Nothing beats the natural beauty of wood flooring ideas to bring character and a sense of heritage to a room.

There’s no doubt about it; wooden flooring is an investment. Whether that’s the amount of money spent, the time and upheaval of having it fitted or restored, or even the value it can add to your home life and property’s value.

The latest ranges of wood flooring are usually treated with tough, long-lasting finishes and are pretty easy to install, they can go over practically any floor surface as long as it’s sound, dry and flat. Reclaimed wooden flooring is a little more tricky, so it’s best to get advice from an expert if that’s the route you’re going down.

Go for the old

With a rise in awareness and demand for sustainability and eco-conscious materials, reclaimed wood is a great option that not only considers the environment but also introduces authentic charm to the home.

Choose Blonde

Go for blonde wood flooring to give your home a spacious, airy feel that makes a beautiful base for your chosen decorating scheme. Naturally light woods, such as ash or birch, work particularly well, but a light finish on traditional oak will achieve a similar effect.

Pattern play

We’re becoming ever-more adventurous with our wooden flooring choices. ‘Combining planks in different shades and textures is a great way to create a unique design.

Broad appeal

With open-plan living as popular as ever, wide timber planks are in high demand. ‘As well as creating the illusion of depth and space, they display the beauty of the grain and knots to greater effect.

Oak Flooring

Why not opt for a classic look with oak planks? With an oil finish which enhances every grain, the distressed flooring with look slick when paired with velvets and deep blue colour schemes.

Black wood flooring

If you have a living room colour scheme with plenty of monochrome, a black engineered wood floor will look just the ticket to tie in with the look. Don't be afraid to pick a black floor – it'll stand out as a bold design choice but will also work as a great neutral for lots of colour.

You will never go wrong with wood! Choose Signet Slabs as partner for your next wooden furniture!

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