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Wood benefits on Health

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

An increasing body of research is beginning to show that being surrounded by wood at home, work or school has positive effects on the body, the brain and the environment and can even shorten hospital stays through reduced recovery times. The studies examining the effects of wooden rooms and furnishings clearly demonstrate that the presence of wood has positive physiological and psychological benefits that mimic the effect of spending time outside in nature. Wood is hygroscopic, i.e. it is able to absorb moisture from the environment, which reduces the presence of associated microbes and improves respiration.

Some of the reported health benefits include:

  • Improved emotional state, and self-expression

Healthy self-expression can make your life more fulfilling, allowing you to tap into your own, unique creativity, desires, and passions. Authentic self-expression in one area of your life can also help you in other areas of your life too.

  • Improved air quality by moderating humidity, encouraging easier breathing

All of us face a variety of risks to our health as we go about our day-to-day lives. Driving in cars, flying in planes, engaging in recreational activities, and being exposed to environmental pollutants all pose varying degrees of risk. Some risks are simply unavoidable. Some we choose to accept because to do otherwise would restrict our ability to lead our lives the way we want. And some are risks we might decide to avoid if we had the opportunity to make informed choices. Indoor air pollution is one risk that you can do something about. Wood could help with these problem more than just a decoration or a furniture.

  • Feelings of warmth and comfort

Most people agree that warmth is an important factor in the feeling of being at home (96%) and that being at home makes them feel warm inside (94%). It’s also something people aspire to – 96% say it’s important to them that their home generate a feeling of warmth.

  • Lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels

Exposure to wood is correlated with a drop in cortisol, the primary hormone linked to negative impacts of stress. Similar studies observed lower levels of blood pressure and heart rate in an environment where wood is present, compared with one where it is absent.

World studies have shown that being surrounded by wood in your home, work or school has positive effects in our health. A recent report commissioned by Planet Ark has found that exposure to wood products and interiors created similar health benefits to those created by spending time in nature.

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