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Why is Live Edge Furniture Popular?

Live edge or natural edge wood is a piece of lumber that retains the curves of natural bark or trunk on one or more sides, which is used to create a piece of furniture. Live edge wood brings with it a raw and rustic charm that goes well with most décor styles, including modern, industrial, eclectic and coastal. When mixed with sleek modern surfaces and fixtures, this ‘true to life’, organic element can add personality in a striking fashion.

The unique style of a live edge furniture has burst onto the scene of interior design with its enormous visual and natural appeal. Think boho bungalow tucked away in the forests – a fiddle leaf brushing your arm as you sit back and survey the scene. But what is live edge furniture exactly? Live edge is when the natural edge of the tree is both visible and incorporated into the design of the piece.

Live edge design pulls focus and is full of character. A simple coffee table becomes more than a mere household object. A slab of wood with a natural, live edge uncovers the tree’s history: its growth lines, seasonal patterns, and stress points. The wood tells a story that is often much older than any person alive today. Everything about the tree is celebrated; its knots, twists, and imperfections. Every piece of furniture has its own story. From the tree, where it grew, who felled it, cut it into slabs, designed it, handcrafted and produced it. Each step is as important as the last.

When it comes to buying furniture, local is always best. Striking up a relationship with a craftsperson who is willing to source locally grown, sustainable timber will always pay off. Often designers or small businesses will gravitate toward a particular style and when it comes to purchasing a second or third piece – having some continuity is never a bad thing.

Handcrafted timber furniture will always stand the test of time. From design to delivery and daily use, wood as a material has proven its resistance to seasonal changes and general wear and tear. It’s highly versatile and easily cared for. Any expert will be able to give you an idea of which products to use and when. Wood’s practicality also makes it a timeless design choice. Exposed, natural timber ignites a rustic elegance. It conjures a sense of traditionalism, yet remains on the cutting edge of leading furniture design.

Live edge is not always the cheapest option upfront, however, handcrafted timber pieces are far more durable in the long run. Enormous attention to detail is a major factor influencing the product’s longevity. Regular dialogue with your craftsperson also ensures there’s nothing you’re unsure about. When you have helped design a piece yourself, you may also be more inclined to keep it, even if you are relocating. It’s more than just a piece of furniture, it’s got your mark on it.

When looking for a reputable live edge wood supplier, Signet Slabs can be your best option to go. Check our inventory now!

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