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Why a Wood Slab is Special?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

People buy slabs because they like the natural appearance of the live edge, and the interesting characteristics of the wood: the knots, the cracks, and the figure. Slabs are lovely to look at and lovely to touch. In our world of highly engineered and polished artifacts, it’s a relief to see an object which hasn’t been transformed beyond recognition by the act of production.

An inherent aspect of slabs is that each is unique. After all, trees are individuals. Each one grows differently from its near neighbors and all others of its species. And, even within the set of slabs cut from a single log, there will be wide variation in size and appearance. Look carefully at the cracks and overall shape and size of these three slabs from one tree.

The type of wood you choose will be determined by the design and style of your project, but there are other factors to think about when choosing wood slabs for your project. Wood species come in different levels of hardness, so if you’re using your slab as a functional piece, such as a chopping block, you’ll want something extremely hard and enduring, such as maple or cherry. If the live edge wood slab will be exposed to moisture and food, choose a naturally resistant species to rot and decay.

Picking out a live edge slab is really fun. You get to consider shape, color, grain, texture, and even place of origin if you want. Every piece of wood is different, even from the same tree. Which gives you near-endless options to create something spectacular with a live edge wood slab — from coffee tables to kitchen countertops, art pieces to dining room tables.

A rare and exotic natural wood slab with a storied past will make your piece of Live Edge Slab Furniture that much more valuable and unique. Not to mention more interesting, inspiring, and possibly relevant to your design and décor. In fact, giving these types of historical trees a second life will preserve their significance for decades and generations to come.

We value each wood we have and we focus always in providing the quality. Visit our website now and check which slab fits your next project!

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