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When looking for Slabs, take note!

Live Edge furniture is popular, and it’s not hard to cut a tree up into slices, so producers have popped up all over. Many of these are fly-by-night operations whose products are of unknown quality. It’s critical, when purchasing any lumber, that the seller has cut and dried it correctly or there will be problems in fabrication and after delivery. How to choose who to do business with?

  • The producer is a large, established lumber business that is used to shipping their product across the country. The website should have a physical address, and a Google Map search (use satellite view) should show a substantial operation with large stocks of wood in the yard.

  • Producer cuts and dries their own wood. Also, the producer’s facility will include at least one kiln.

  • All slabs are kiln-dried, not air dried, and preferably shown sanded and wetted to give an excellent idea of the grain.

  • Producer’s website has search and sort features, to aid in finding particular species and particular thickness slabs. Inventory should be updated frequently.

  • The producer shows pricing for each slab.

  • Producer’s website shows current slab inventory, with multiple good photos of individual pieces. Good photos are taken with the board in a vertical position, preferably with both sides shown.

At Signet Slabs, we make sure you get what you have paid for. Shop now!

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