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What Wood is Best for Beginners?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

With people nowadays shifting to a greener choices with their lifestyles and embracing new ways to reduce their carbon footprint, creating a home that is environmentally friendly is on top of the list for those redecorating and building new homes. This, coupled with wood being one of the biggest trending materials of the year, makes it easy to see exactly why Wood is a natural choice for homeowners.

In general, however, if you're beginning woodworking and expecting to make mistakes, it's usually best to choose some of the least expensive woods, like soft maple, poplar, pine and fir. You may also want to select wood identified above that is easy to work with and won't wear down your tools quickly.


Maple is a prime choice of wood for woodworkers and craftsman alike. The color of maple is a pale cream color but darkens when exposed to light, which can turn into a reddish brown with light exposure. The grain texture of maple is fine, even and straight but can be very wavy depending on a variety of factors. Maple can be a great choice as a slab as it adds a rich texture compared to more domestic wood types.


Poplar is one of the workhorse materials of the modern woodshop. Readily available, relatively inexpensive and dimensionally stable, it’s used in everything from paint-grade cabinetry to high-end furniture. It works beautifully with hand tools, machines easily and finishes well.


Pine Wood Slabs can add a great deal of character and texture for any table, bench or counter-top. It possesses a grain structure that is straight grained and shows growth rings in dark bands throughout the wood. The color of pine ranges from pale yellow to light reddish brown. Despite the pliability of pinewood, it is remarkably stable and resists general seasonal movement.

Once you have a better idea of what type of wood slabs to look for, it will be easier to find the ideal option without feeling too overwhelmed. This will allow you to start your project sooner and get it finished more quickly so you can enjoy the benefits sooner than later!

Compared to other wood types, live edge slabs have a unique appearance that can’t be found on flat boards. Because of the quality and longevity of the piece, real wood furniture is an investment that can pay for itself many times over.

Putting your trust to a knowledgeable wood supplier can be well worth it. Having access to various types of wood slabs without having to do any work yourself can save you more time and energy. Signet Slabs extensive inventory will make it easier for you to finish your project!


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