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Live Edge Wood Decorating Ideas

Wood that has natural edge left uncut, has become more and more popular in home decor, as it would bring cozy and natural beauty looking raw yet very refined. And another exciting feature for live edge wood is its chaotic beauty against human-created smooth surfaces. That makes it easy for your home decor to get lively and rustic style. We have found a lot of fresh ideas to decorate with live edge wood, and they are sure to enhance your interior space:

Kitchen Countertop

The variety of woods available is impressive. Yes, wood is a good choice. Wood is easily tooled, so it lends itself to intricate designs. A single slice of wood, often with a live edge that follows the contours of the tree, is a sought-after look for a counter that doesn't see heavy use. But slabs' variable density and limited supply make them impractical in a kitchen. Search online for custom and specialty suppliers or find a local woodworker to source and install one.

Kitchen Desk

Your kitchen desk allows you to get dinner on while finishing up those last minute emails or facebook details. A kitchen office can create a healthy work/life balance and keep you from running into the home office to make those corrections which sometime can lead to 30 minutes and a burnt dinner.

Live Edge Chandelier

Add a rustic focal point to your space with this impressive multi-light chandelier.The thick slab is uniquely shaped with natural trunk lines along it's edge. The solid brass sockets have a satin finish and the vintage style pendant cords are black twist. A mixed combination of Edison bulbs in clear and amber glass create just the right amount of light. All of the bulbs are dimmable and included as shown.

Kitchen Island

A wooden countertop can be a workhorse or a show pony, depending on its construction, finish and style. But it’ll always add a warm, organic counterpoint to a kitchen’s hard, nonporous surfaces, and if the wood is sustainably harvested, it can be a green choice as well.

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