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Home Furniture Essentials

Furnishing a first home might be the first time you’ve bought furniture built to last. Buying a home or moving into a rented space is an exciting process that can get a tad overwhelming—if you're not well prepared. It is quite easy to get lost in the sea of furniture, themes and design elements when you're planning to set up your home. When you finally move in, the real challenge is to set up the furniture for your new home and make it look organised. To make this process easier, we are here to give you a list of furniture items that are essential to every household and will add some utility as well as keeping the aesthetics of the house intact. Let us get to know these furniture items.

Seating and tables

One of the most important pieces of furniture that every household needs to have is the couch or the seating arrangement in your living room. You can buy a couch according to your taste and preference that will go well with the background of your wall and place it accordingly that gives you the view of the entire house and the doorway.

Dining table

It is imperative to have a decent place where one can sit and enjoy meals in a proper manner. So, we suggest choosing a sturdy table with matching chairs, depending on the number of family members. Also, this piece should ideally match the rest of your decor theme, yet stand out so that the dining area is well defined.

A comfortable bed

This goes without saying. A bed is the most important addition to your house when it comes to furniture. You can customise your own beds and make it as comfy as possible. If the bed is comfortable, we wake up refreshed and ready to face the next day. So it is important to choose this piece with care depending on the height, age and other factors.

Side tables

The bed is not the only essential that we need for the bedroom. We should also keep some nightstands handy on either side so that we have all our essentials within easy reach. You can add a side table next to your sofa or your bed.

Shelves and storage

Who doesn’t need more storage space? Shelves on your wall with live edge slabs are a great option. They’re beautiful and can be used for storage in any room from your bathroom to your kitchen to your living room. With the many use of a Live Edge Wood, it is worth the investment!

Bathroom vanity

The bathroom vanity should be a fixture that holds the sink comfortably, and also gives you plenty of space for storing your everyday items. This piece should also blend in with the rest of the room, including the floor and walls.

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