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Few Reasons Why use Wood for your Door

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

If you’re looking for a front door that stands out from other front doors, you need to seriously consider using wood. Wood doors carry an elegance and class that other doors quite simply don’t carry. Capable of being styled in a variety of manners, they have the potential to be the crown jewel of any home. While it would be no surprise that we feel wood is the best choice for your door, we believe it is important that you understand the "why." And here are just a few of the reasons we believe you won't want to choose anything other than a wood door for your home.


For starters, wood doors are considerably heavier. When you open a hollow core, or even solid core door, you can definitely feel the difference in weight and hear the difference when closing the door. Additionally, wood doors come in a variety of species and are generally easy to finish, making them more customizable to complement the style of your space. In addition to being generally aesthetically pleasing, wood doors are also aesthetically versatile. These doors can be painted in any color you wish. They can also be sculpted, cut, and stylized to meet your specific aesthetic desires. Interested in adding windows to your door? Wood doors can accommodate this.


Wood doors cut down substantially on traveling sound. If you have noisy kids or teenagers who love to blast music, interior wood doors are definitely the way to go. Outside of single-family home settings, wood doors can provide a sense of privacy for residents in apartments, college dorms and senior living facilities.


Wood doors provide much more insulation, which will keep rooms cool or hot as needed, especially when the door is framed and hung well. Another energy-efficient tip: Keep doors to rooms rarely used closed so that the air circulates more around high-traffic areas. Keeping heat and cold from entering your home will drastically reduce the price of your energy bills. Fortunately, wood doors are extremely insulative, allowing only trace amounts of heat and cold into your home. As long as you keep them properly maintained, they will stave off drafts and help you avoid dramatic utility bills.


A front door will be subjected to quite a bit of wear and tear. For this reason, it needs to be as durable as possible. Wood doors, when properly maintained, are some of the most durable doors out there. They will withstand everything from physical trauma, to rain, to wind, and more. Wood doors continue to maintain their beauty over time because they are extremely sturdy, withstanding years of heavy use. Unlike faux wood options, solid wood doors hold up much better over time and are tested constantly with everyday activities. They are long-term investments that make a statement for everyone that sees and uses them.

With these great features of having a wooden door, it is about time to think of having one. For quality slabs, look no further! Signet Slabs will definitely help you in choosing the best for your homes! Talk to us today!

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